My head can be a huge mess sometimes. Okay, maybe a lot of times. BUT in my defense: creative people are often chaotic (source: somewhere on Wikipedia). Wait, we’re moving off topic. To make sure you guys don’t get lost that easily, I’m gonna divide my so-called stories into categories.

– Categories Explained –

is filled with – you guessed it – poetry. All poems are written by me, though the cover photos are not mine, but always credited in the post. These poems (or sometimes lyrics) are my means of self-expression. Art doesn’t inherently form an accurate representation of me as a whole. It is, however, a representation of my thoughts.


The category ARTICLES is mainly be filled with (shocker) articles about society. I firmly believe in freedom. Each person deserves the freedom of thought, the freedom to study, dress however, love whoever. I want to help change the world for the better. Simultaneously, I like sharing my thoughts on various topics in non-poetic form. If you’re wondering how, I invite you to take a look.


I absolutely love travelling. I also get into tons of weird and funny situations around my home. Stories about these personal ADVENTURES can be found in this final category, along with a few pictures of my own every once in a while. Additionally, overall thoughts that seem a bit too personal to be called “an article”, can be found in this category. I case you would like to get to know me a bit better, or just have a laugh, I suggest you check these out.



I hope that this little information made you curious of the many stories I have told and still have to tell, and maybe makes this mess a little bit less messy.