About Story of a Mess

My reason for starting this blog was pretty simple: I have met so many amazing people, who all have busy lives, including myself. We will not have the opportunity to talk to each other on a weekly basis or maybe even meet up a few times a year. Honestly, I didn’t feel like telling the same story to every person separately… Laziness played its part. A blog seemed like the perfect solution. Thus, Story of a Mess was born.

At this point, Story of a Mess has become slightly more than just sharing fun stories with friends and family. It’s a way to share some thoughts (poetic or dramatic, however you want to call it), shine some light on matters that deserve attention, and also share fun stories. The thing with writing for yourself on paper is that no one is gonna read it. Having an audience pushes me to improve my writing and try to create interesting content. I hope that that’s the direction I’m heading.

To avoid creating one big mess of random blog posts, I created three categories in which the stories will be divided. If you want to find out more about those, you can click here. If you happen to come across anything you don’t agree with or would like to add to a story: please leave a comment beneath a story, or send me a personal message on Facebook, or anywhere else. I would love to hear your reactions!

This blog is meant for the interested.

(and a little bit of hipster self-expression)

– Katrin –


Last day in Tokyo
Smiles on my last day in Tokyo