24/7 (Lyrics)

You complain ’bout your 9 to 5
While I’m working 24/7
You’ve been texting me “goodnight”
While it’s not even past 11
No way
Oh, no way
I should be putting in more time
I’m not gonna give up

My to-do list keeps growing
Though I am far from done
The sweat, blood and tears may run
A prize isn’t given
It’s won

I should just work and just be fine
But I’m sleeping 24/7
You’ve been asking if I’m alright
While I’m shaking at the knees
Yes, I’m sure
I should we working all the time
I don’t wanna give up

I’ve been running out of time
Not sure of what I’m chasing
But I’m almost there
The end is clear
It has never been so damn near

Wasn’t sure if I was alive
Now I’m stuck here 24/7
I woke up at 5am
Didn’t make it past 11
Crying “no”
What happened to my time?
I don’t wanna give up

All the work I left behind
I don’t want to give up

– Katrin Mess –

Cover image by Connor Irwin

These lyrics refer to the social pressure that people put upon themselves and each other, which (unfortunately) often grows into some kind of burn-out. Isn’t it a weird thing that we seem to compete for the busiest life? Who is the most tired for the longest time? I’m guilty of similar patterns of thinking. Frankly, I didn’t think much of the implications of these patterns until I came across a post by The Pants Project. This organisation uses underwear as a symbol of strength and empowerment. Though it is mainly targeted towards women, their messages are of larger social importance. After all, self-love is a skill many of us are still developing. The Instagram post I mentioned, contains the following two sentences:

“So many of us brag about how busy we all are, and how tired we are all the time, how hard we’ve been working and how little of a life we get to live. It’s a really fucked up competition about who’s the most stressed – and whoever is winning, whoever is the most sad and wound up, seems to get this bizarre respect reward.” WeAreThePantsProject

Let’s address these patterns and work on changing them. Take moments, hours, days to just breathe. Be aware of your gut feeling. Relax.



P.S. There is so much more to say on the topics of hard work and relaxation guilt. Stay tuned for the follow up in two weeks: an article on stress and productivity. How to manage both?

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