Sum of Importance (Poem)

Sounds of the sun rising
Things shadow and light are hiding
And the way that sunlight travels all along your skin

Feel the thunder growling
A heavy weight is falling
Which is never settling down if it isn’t within

Invisible prints on my hands
Of future plans with friends
Made during nightly talks
About all the walks we’d take

The warmth of your smile
And other things that don’t make sense
It all went so crazy fast
And now I’m in your head

– Katrin Mess –

Cover image by Anton Darius

Initially, this poem is supposed to be part of a song called Impatient. I’m currently still working on the lyrics. If you’re curious as to how this poem would sound in the melody of Impatient… Here is your chance to listen in.

It’s quite curious how we become close to people in a very natural way. At some point you’re just there. Personally, I find it incredibly difficult to trace back how it all went down. This poem is an attempt to sum up tiny moments of incredible importance, which lead up to completely trust a person. All small dots of light, coming together to create a beautifully warm spectacle.

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