The Ring (Poem)

What can you do without much effort
Reach without those sleepless nights
Roam around the ring for ages
Choose your champion or the fight

Choose the former, take a seat
Build your wall, so you can hide
You’ll sit still, as time keeps passing
Doomed spectator with hands tied

The game will always be a death match
Enter those, who wish to be free
Doubtful whether I will make it
No one else will fight for me

My hands react a bit too late
Blood ends up spilling from my mouth
Knees keep shaking, skin gets thorn
Head still ringing with self doubt

Amid, a voice keeps getting louder
“Come on, get up, get off the floor”
It’s far away, yet sounds familiar
I should know, been here before

I’ll get up and I will conquer
And for sure crash down again
I’ll experience every moment
I will feel alive in them

I’ll scrape my knees
And twist my ankles
Maybe do it all in vain
But I will know
I made the choice
To live with pleasure and with pain

Go get stuck
Get lost
Get broken
What use is life upon a shelf?
Spend an eternity looking at other’s
Or step into the ring

And live yourself.

Ring Side

– Katrin –

Cover photo by Joel Muniz

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