An Undesired Truth (Poem)

wear my heart upon my sleeve
but you still won’t believe

no matter how many seas I’d cry
you’d still just hear a lie

my heart was shattered beyond repair
you kept on saying it wasn’t fair

I made the choice, I walked away
my heart was screaming not to stay

I didn’t understand, nor did he
by the time I did, there was no longer a “we”

go call me selfish, call me names
(please) know I’m not into playing games

it’s me, it’s me, I’m still just me
there’s no one else I’d ever be

I truly wish you would believe
the heart I wear upon my sleeve

– Katrin –

Written 25 June 2018, sitting in the park

Cover image by by Ian Dooley. Hands close, but not quite there.

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