Roses (Poem)

My eyes fly wide open.
A sound fills my head.
A voice of a person
I never have met.
I see all around me,
Yet can’t turn my head.
My limbs feel all heavy as lead.

A bed made of roses,
On which I lie still,
Starts moving beneath me,
Though not at my will.
What I’d miss? What had happened?
Have I gotten ill?
Many holes that my memory can’t fill.

Have I waited too long
For the next thing to come?
Got hung up in the rain,
Didn’t notice the sun?
Had my best time passed
Before it begun?
Are my days already over and done?

Did I wish for too much?
Never asked for a prize.
Maybe this is a dream
Déjà vu in disguise.
I may not have noticed
That time really flies
As I firmly close my eyes.

The roses beneath me
Do not seem to care.
Being plucked from the ground
Also doesn’t seem fair.
Had a life of their own,
Which I did not share.
Still, together we’ll stay lying there.

– Katrin –

Cover photo by Sidney Pearce

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