Forecast (Poem)

Feel like the weather
Don’t feel much better
Not knowing where to go
Or which way it’ll flow
Warm spring weather
May sound better
But it might just as well
Become a thunder storm
Oh hell
I don’t know.

– Katrin –

Note: Shorty about not knowing.

There’s a lot that we don’t know; a lot that we can’t know. I worry tons about things I don’t know. Especially when it comes to my future feelings and emotions. I change, develop, and switch. How will I feel in a week, month, or year? No way of telling. I’ve learned that predicting my emotions and feelings resembles the weather in the Netherlands, as I see it. It can be sunny and nice, but still, rain can come falling in at moments I least expect it. I can try to protect myself just in case, but there’s only this much I can do.

Thinking it might rain in a while, is not reason enough not to enjoy the sun while it’s out.

Simultaneously, I wanted to reference how people’s mood is often influenced by the weather. Much more strangers have I seen smiling while the sun is out, rather than during a heavy rainfall.

How would you interpret this? I’d love to hear!

Cover photo by Tevin Trinh

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