Traveller (Poem)

It started in a cafe,
when I saw
that piece of- one. (two-three)

It started with a number.
All at once,
it all begun.

It travelled from my soul,
cut through my heart,
a trail of pain.

The trail had caused me shivers
in the past,
yet not the same.

The shivers travelled up,
along my spine,
towards my lips.

Made them shake, made them quiver
inhale quite quick,
can’t get a grip.

Climbed its way up to my eyes,
removing my disguise.

One last breath,
as I let go
of the traveller.

It jumps into the open,
slides down dry
and bumpy hills.

My lips, which are still shaking,
make no sound.
I’ll keep them, still.

All the travellers
my eyes have seen,
they’re locked away, in place.

Until they vaporise like water,
leaving nothing
but a trace
of what has been.

– Katrin –

Cover photo by Simon Buchou

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