Who needs words… (Poem)

When we started dating, it felt like a dream.
The first time we met, quite awkward it seemed.

Made sure to bring paper, so that we could talk.
Though writing was hard, when we went for a walk.

You’d open your mouth, start telling a story.
I would just nod, didn’t want you to worry.

When you’d realise that I couldn’t hear you,
You’d shake your head, and pull me near you.

We didn’t need words, that time, when we kissed.
Needed them deeply, when either was pissed.

Time after time, I try making you smile.
We’re better together, though just for a while.

I know that you’re tired, cause your eyes are glistening.
I may not hear you, but I’m listening.

– Katrin –

Note: This was written for an assignment I got for uni, which was a fictional assignment regarding the Canadian Hard of Hearing Assiciation.

Cover photo by Clem Onojeghuo

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