Night Walker (Poem)

In the cold, dark streets, I wander.
While strolling towards the park, I wonder…
Should I scream out my lungs, or should I not?
Should I try to run with all I’ve got?
My body is numb, while my mind is clear.

Blanc, but clear.

Confusion has no place in here,
for endless thoughts consume every corner,
every gap, and every crack.
Unless they don’t, and I think nothing.

I’m certain that if I went back,
laid my head down on anything really,
the world would fade to black
leaving me in a dreamless sleep.

Yet, my body keeps moving away,
further from what I call home.
Feet stepping on black and grey,
leaving my foot prints in the loam.

I remember I vaguely had plans.
There were dreams, and goals, and more
I think I had a certain stance,
yet, I’m not sure, not like before.

All significance is lost,
I’m left empty in the streets,
though I try at all cost
to make my body and consciousness meet

I’m losing the power to be aware
of any reality surrounding me.
I do not stop to care,
which is not how it’s supposed to be.

As dangerous as this might seem,
barely standing, not turning over,
I smile when the street lights start to gleam.
Self-indulged insomnia is taking over.

You don’t know
who crosses the dark part of the park
in the middle of the night.
You also don’t know
when a car might jump up
from the side.

When my sight is vague and sound is muffled,
all I hear is a swish
of time passing,
which as ever is
slowly, but never slow enough.

– Katrin –

Note: Night Walker describers a feeling of detachment I get when walking around in the dark. I’m not sure if I can call it a poem, or just a short expression of thoughts. Whatever you decide it is, I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Cover photo by Monica Silva

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