Moving to South Korea: a Photo Summary

For one full week now, I am a citizen of Seoul, Korea!

Yes, South Korea. What would an international media student do in NorthKorea xD

It has been a-ma-zing. I have been lucky enough not to have a jetlag, so I’ve been travelling through Seoul quite a bit. I’ve already seen so many cool and weird things, ate bibimbab (yess) and kimbab (oh heeeell yes), met a bunch of inspiring people (no Korean friends yet, but I’m working on it), and much more. I’ve had so many different impressions here that I could write an entire novel about it. Instead of that, I’m gonna provide you with a photo summary of my first week in Seoul. Enjoy!!

On Friday we visited the Lotte Mall, which is a huge shopping center. It starts in the basement, with affordable prices, and with every floor you go up the prices go up as well. Brand such as Calvin Klein and Burberry have their own stores around the 5th or 6th floor. On the 9th floor you can find looooaaads of food, where we obviously went to have dinner: bibimbab!

On a very sunny Sunday morning we went to the Olympic Park. It was filled with art works, including one of a Thumb… Too bad the weather here is very dry, which lead to pretty much every plant being yellow.

In the afternoon we went to Common Ground, which is a shopping center, which is build up from blue shipping containers. It’s generally known as a good place to take pictures, and apparently also several k-dramas have been shot there. Pretty fancy. It also had a small art gallery of a comic artist (Mr. Donothing). What made this day even better, was when Tim (Swiss guy from the same building as I live in) introduced me to a sketchy looking shop, which sold kimbab (a Korean type of sushi: a bigger kind, with veggies, chicken and surimi and no fish). It was the first time I had tried Kimbab, and it was THE BEST THING EVER. Omg, it was so delicious. The best fastfood snack you can imagine (for only 2,500 -3,500 won = €2,10 – €2,90).

Afterwards we walked to the Ttukseom Park, where I saw like three trees. Seriously, that “park” is just concrete xD. However, we managed to see a beautiful sunset over the river. We ended the day on a delicious note: KOREAN BBQ! Omg guys, it was amazing, and cheap as well (10,900 won p.p. for unlimited food = €9).

On Monday we visited the Bukchon Hanok Village. We first kina got lost… but it was def worth the effort.

In short: I’m loving it so far ^^)

– Katrin –

One thought on “Moving to South Korea: a Photo Summary

  1. Aahhh Katrin zo leuk dit! 😀 Super fijn om te zien dat je het zo leuk hebt! Mooie foto’s ook 🙂 En over het eten: I TOLD YOU SO. Fijn dat je ook fan bent xD Anyway, geniet dr van, en ik kan niet wachten op meer posts! ^^

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