Expression (Poem)

I like…
To turn strong emotions
into strong words
They’re meant to be felt
and to be heard
It might be harsh,
might sound like pain
Such is, though,
a temporary gain

It is expression
It’s just in the ink
I am just diving
I know I won’t sink
When it touches the page
that’s when I feel free
That’s my expression
That is not me

That is not my soul
No purification
required to lead
me into salvation
‘Cause I am not lost
Don’t need to be found
I don’t want your guidance
Why should I be bound
by rules, which are not mine?

Rules I’ve never learned
Have seen
don’t believe in
and never have heard
in a way that felt right
Maybe I might
just stick to myself
When dark is not bad,
shouldn’t be put on a shelf
for the “freaks” and the “people who really need help”

It’s my expression, for which I live
And it’s my decision to decide if
today is for rainbows or dark clouds descend
Whatever I make it, it’s mine in the end

– Katrin –

Note: You may or may not know (at least you should have guessed) that I love writing. Not only semi-funny stories though, but also poems. A while ago I wrote one that I wanted to share with you guys. Let met know what you think!

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