Magic (and Where to Find It)

Do you miss magic? Like the one you believed in when you were young? When every new impression was huge, when the world seemed gigantic and your abilities endless? Do you still believe? Would you like to believe?

A few days ago I visited the cinema and saw “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them”. Holy hell, did that throw me back a few years. I absolutely adore the Harry Potter films (films specifically, because I have only read the first book – too long story on how and why, so let’s just accept this fact).


What I love about it, is the immensity of the magical world, and how it’s perfectly intertwined with the reality that we know.

It makes me feel it’s real. Those places are really hidden, those spells are being used, those creatures breath and move around… Somewhere. I have always loved this idea. I’m not the only one, of course. Magic has this unreachability, this awe surrounding it, which makes us want to be part of it very badly. I mean, who didn’t want to find his/her own Hogwarts letter in the mailbox. Even something as simple as candy with weird flavours can make me incredibly happy, with my mind linking it to the magical wizard society I would love to see exist.

When I was younger, I absolutely loved reading books which involved magic. I loved watching films about magic. I loved acting like a sorceress. I honestly believed this kind of fictional magic existed, somewhere out there. I could loose myself completely in this “other world” and immerse myself with information about magical creatures, potions, and all those sorts of “knowledge”. I have honestly believed in this up until I was seventeen. Then proper reality kicked in. I had to start looking for a university to attend, (kinda) decide which direction my life would go. Also, I made some of my closest friends, which made the existence of a magical society less of a necessity. However, somewhere in my mind that idea of some magnitizing power still lingers.

For some reason, I still really hope magic exists.

That it’s just somewhere out of my reach. That I might catch a glimps of it once in a while, just to remind me it’s still there, but slightly beyond me. I don’t want science to explain it, even though it can. The same way as I don’t want to remember how love is just a mixture of biological processes, but I want to see it as the feeling of joy in my heart. It’s almost a desire to stay ignorant, to some extent. Or maybe it’s a desire to see the world as more that just flesh, stone and dust.

Spirituality is not something that’s popular in our generation. Not that it’s outdated, but there’s little to no attention paid to it. I would not say I’m interested in it myself. What I deduce from this, is our contemporary focus on reason. “Be realistic” is an overused phrase that’s stuck in my frequently used vocabulary. Being realistic is smart. It can even be called wise, because it’s also safe. That’s nice, but that doesn’t fill my veins with adrenaline. It doesn’t widen my eyes. It doesn’t make me feel. It doesn’t contain any magic. More often than not, this way of thinking has been called dreamy, vague, naive. Childish even. Is that really a bad thing though?

I feel that we can use a little more magic in our lives.

I’m pretty sure that seeing the world like I did when I was little – full of colour, full of elusive beauty – makes it a hell of a lot more interesting to live in it. So why not see it that way? I sure wish I had magical powers and could hold a dragon as a pet, but until then I’m pretty satisfied with watching the leaves change from green to red and being mesmerized by it. This might be less interesting for one person than it is for another. Perhaps the other prefers the feeling of water running down his or her skin after a long work-out. As long as it’s there, the exact condition shouldn’t matter.

What is magic? Is it floating objects with your mind? Is it the existence of dragons and fairies? Is it the reflection of street lights in the water in the middle of the night? Is it the trance I find myself in when I’m immersed in music? Is it that feeling you get when you see someone you love smile?

Do you believe in magic?

– Katrin –

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