What Happened in Antwerp

Okay. Three weeks ago I had a freaking rollercoaster weekend. From the first surprise onto the other, from one screw up into another… It was one hell of a ride. I would love to tell you all about the crazy 5-day weekend, but I noticed that would make this post absolutely huge. Therefore, let’s focus on the very start of the weekend, when my friend Caro took me to the Night of the Proms, a concert thingy in Belgium. Trust me guys, I’ve come across my fair share of messy days, but that Thursday has got to be THE messiest day EVER (up until this point in my life at least). Lemme explain. And yes, this really IS a summary.

Thursday 10 November – Night of the Proms (a.k.a. The Messiest Day Ever)

I was supposed to go to work/internship as usual, then take the train to Antwerp, Belgium, meet up with Caro, travel to the Sportpaleis (a venue), enjoy a VIP experience of the Night of the Proms (concert thingy**) and travel back to Brussels to sleep. How much could go wrong in those eight hours?

he he

I was busy with my internship, left a bit late, which caused me to almost miss my train. Business as usual. I packed my backpack the day before, so I was proud to be pretty well prepared. I even got the international train ticket printed at work in full colour (uuuhu) and had kept it close in the outer pocket of my backpack (yes, I’m sure). I hadn’t forgotten a thing. Or so I thought. I packed all my stuff as I do every weekend*. This standard package did not include a toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup remover, pyjamas… like, the most basic stuff you take with you when you’re staying for the night. Luckily, my friend was better prepared than I was, so she helped me out.

I finished getting ready (doing proper makeup in a wobbly train is annoying as f dude!) and reached into my backpack to get my train ticket. No train ticket. I swear I put it in my bag. I am 100% sure. Totally sure… So I lost my train ticket. How remains a mystery to this day. You can call it magic, ghosts, my incompetence, but we will never really know… Luckily I hadn’t yet crossed the border when I noticed and could look it up on my phone. The ticket inspector wasn’t too please with this, but luckily let me be. Pffff thank god. I was so nervous I had started sweating. Therefore, I tried to better myself by putting on parfum. Unfortunately something in the communication between my brain and hands went wrong and I sprayed it into my mouth instead of my shirt. Skills.

I finally made it to Antwerp Station and met up with Caro. Google Maps said: from the station to the venue it’s a 20 minute walk. Nah, that’s too much. Let’s take the metro/tram(I dunno what we took to be honest…). We bought a ticket, but both had no idea how to use it, so we just held it in our hands the entire time. Checked (multiple times) which metro/tram to take, got in and got out at Sport. We checked Google Maps to see which way to go, ’cause nothing seemed familiar. “Current location to venue: 1 hour and 20 minutes.” Dafuq. Skills. It appeared we had gone into the complete opposite direction to where we needed to go. Also, we got out at Sport but had to be at Sportpaleis. Belgium, you’re highly confusing. So, we went back and met a woman in the metro/tram, who said “you need to get out two stops after me”. Thanks! Of course we lost track of the woman… SKILLS.

At last, we arrived at the venue, quite late and waaaaay underdressed. We were surrounded by business people, in suits and dresses, and we were just there like “heyy free food”. Because we were so late, we just started getting out plates filled when the announcement came “The concert is about to start. Please proceed to the stage.” That’s nice and all, but free food and drinks man! What a waste to let it just stand there. Of course we finished our steak and champagne as quick as we could *gulp* and proceeded to the big doors. “Ticket please.” Huh, ticket? We handed our ticket it and received VIP wrist bands. “No, you need a ticket to enter.”

It turned out you had to be on a guest list, because you had to be invited to be there and OF COURSE there were multiple lists spread across multiple people and OF COURSE we had no idea who invited us. We ended up trying every list and luckily finding our names on the last one. FINALLY we made it inside. Our places were great, really close to the stage, and the overall concert was amazing. Like hoooly hell amazing. Shortly described, it combines pop with classical music**. It was a mixture of powerful pop artistis a choir and a full on orchestra. There was even a guy playing the harmonica and another man singing in Spanish! Amazing.

After it was finished, we did need to hurry to catch the last metro/tram in order to make it in time to catch the last train. OF COURSE we missed it. With us about 300 other people. Damn, that station was crowded. But yeah, we didn’t have money to get a cab and the next train left at 5am. We had to be in uni, in Breda, The Netherlands, at 9.30am though, so hmm…. We went back to the venue and started (politerly) harrassing every single person who came to get his or her coat at the wardrobe, asking “Are you by any chance going to Brussels?” It took us a while, but THANK GOD we found this couple who could take us close to where Caro lives. Pfffff.

Caro had an extra matrass and all ready for me, but when I shortly sat down on her couch, I immediately fell asleep. (Thanks tho, Caro!) What a day. WHAT a day.

Aaaaaaaaand that’s how we survived that. Now realise that this was just the first day of the 5-Day Weekend Extravaganza. Life is weird.

– Katrin –


* Side Note: I travel from Hilversum to Breda every weekend, for my internship is in Hilversum, but I also work in Breda on the weekends.

** Wanna know more about Night of the Proms? Check out their website here. This concert has been held in 12 countries already and is really worth to see. If you wanna know more about the specific one we went to: *click*.

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