Why I Could Never Be Deaf

When talking about getting old, I often came across the question: would you rather go deaf or blind? I’ve always thought becoming deaf would be worse. Now I’m 100% sure.

When I got back from Ukraine, I got really sick. Like an extreme version of the flu. Now, a week later, I’m all better, except for a few things: my throat hurts, my nose is overflowing on a daily basis and I can’t hear a thing with my right ear. For some reason, my head is so full of slime and other disgusting things, that it developed a kind of vacuum behind my ear drums. Because of this, the moving space of my left ear drum is limited, and the one of my right ear is nearly gone. The only thing I can do, is wait and get better completely. Too bad this might take “a few weeks” (it’s been two weeks already).

Apart from being that annoying person going “what did you say?” five million times a day, this actually really bothers me when it comes to music. It feels like the right side of my headphones is broken, which cancels out a lot of great musical thrills and effects. What I find even worse though, is that I cannot properly hear myself when I’m singing. I also only hear half of the band properly during practice. I love singing and music in general so damn much, that this really does feel like torture. I’ve gotten a bit used to it by now, but I cannot stress how glad I am this will be over at some point. Just imagine having this for the rest of your life…

Becoming deaf or becoming blind… Of course both of the scenarios are competely awful, but if I ever get to the point that I cannot hear music, it would absolutely break my heart. Luckily I still yeeeaaars away from turning hundred, so let’s hope my senses stay fully operational for the time being.

– Katrin –

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