How I Got Kicked Out: UPDATE

Remember how I got 24 hours to get out of that house I was staying in? And I was panicking all the way? Well… Can I just start off by saying “I’m the luckiest person ever”?

People sometimes say life is like a rollercoaster. Well, I feel like I went on five rides this day alone.

By the time I got to Emily’s room, I had had a mental breakdown. I was mostly trying not to cry or start a rant of curse words about the lady. I felt like I was gonna shoot fire out of my eyes. Thank god the lady wasn’t home (I still don’t even know her name). I decided I would get all my stuff and move out that evening, because I could not stand staying there one night longer and go to work the day after, knowing I had no place to go. No way.

When I had slightly calmed down, I fired up my laptop and began searching for youth hostels to stay in. Let me check out the prices before bothering my friends, I thought. While I’m at it, let’s check my mail, just in case one of the rooms I messaged replied (ha ha, as if there’s a chance that happened). I had plenty of mails, mostly newsletters, and one single mail reply… Wait, whut? It was a reply on a room for which I send out a message that afternoon. Nah, that’s not really possible, is it? It apparently was still available* and there was a phone number noted next to the reply. Whuuuut? So I called the number and a woman picked up. Half an hour later, I had a room, IN HILVERSUM ITSELF OF ALL PLACES (I had already given up on getting a room closer than 45 minutes away from the office).

And I could move in the next day!

Which is today. It has a bed with a matrass, a table, a chair, wifi, no deposit, affordable rent, no idea how many square meters though, and only 2km away from my internship. That’s less than 10 minutes by bike! It’s just too good to be true!! Actually, the room was already rented to a guy, but –uhm – he had problems and the land lady could not deal with him. Luckily, I never cause any troubles [insert that old school angel emoji here].

So yeah. I’m moving into a great room this evening (from the sound of it at least, haven’t seen it yet). I did see that lady one last time today. I said “goodmorning!” She didn’t say anything. “And goodbye.” Still nothing. Well, f*ck you too, miss.

– Katrin –


* Actually, there were two rooms available in that house. There were also two guys who would’ve liked the room. Both of them would give their definite answer the next day. In case both of them wanted it, there would be no free rooms left. Luckily (he he he) I already said yes to the room that evening, before either one replied. So I got the “big room”. For real, how ridiculous is that… Talking about timing.

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