What Can Happen in an Hour

Do you know that feeling when you have a shit load of work and all of a sudden it’s all gone? I do. It’s a bit intimidating though, to be completely honest. Also highly relaxing.

Last Tuesday so much happened. All of a sudden my internship got approved – for which I probably should have arranged approval earlier; less than a week before my first day, haha, might be slightly late – so the pressure I was suppose to feel about that dissolved into thin air. I still had nowhere to live in Hilversum, where my internship will be, but all of a sudden I was going to stay with a friend in Amsterdam for a while. I’m kiiiinda curious how that’s gonna be, living together while we’ve known each other for like two months… That’s bound to be interesting. Having to move within five days, on the other hand, could heavily increase the amount of pressure. Hmm, moving out meant I had to find someone to sublet my room to… Within such a short time span… Then I got a call from a girl, who was looking for a place in Breda. Badabing badaboom, room subletting done. Oh, I also needed to get my plane ticket to Seoul (South Korea) this week. Done.

After all of this, slightly more than an hour had passed. Next I created an account on Crunchyroll… that site ended up taking waaaay more hours of my time.

Who needs stress? Just sit back, relax, do what you need to do and do it well. Now it’s time to enjoy the last few days of summer holiday, before the real work starts.

– Katrin –

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