Ukraine: Preface

I was still living at home a few years ago, when my mum got a call. We didn’t recorgnize the number. And that’s how it all started. All of a sudden, I had a bunch of family members in Ukraine, of which I knew none. My mum and her brother* Skyped for ages when we finally were able to travel to them. My mum, my brother and I are in Odessa as we speak, surrounded by new and loving family members. This is insane.

At the point that I’m writing this, we’ve been here one week. We’re gonna stay here for two weeks in total. Even though we’ve already lived through half of the trip, I still find all of this hard to believe. Of course I made tons of picture, few of which I will share soon. However, I can’t stress enough, how going from a family of three to thirty is just inbelievable. We all hope that this first meeting the start is of something special.

– Katrin –


* I do need to elaborate on the “brother” thing. My mum is from Russia and does not have a brother. However, the man she was talking to is in fact related to her in a sense of being the son of the daughter of the daughter of the brother of my mum’s great grandfather. Got it? Apparently these families all kept in touch, but our branch got separated two generations ago. Because that particular man is approximately the same age as my mum, and therefore from the same generation, she calls him “brother”. Me and my brother call him “uncle”. It’s just easier this way.

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